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It’s so easy to get stuck in a cycle of shame–shame from addiction, destructive behavior, low self-esteem, and so many more enemies of joy. We ask so much of ourselves, yet we continue to stumble, never quite able to defeat our problems or convince ourselves of our own worth, strength, and beauty.

If you’re in this cycle and you can’t get unstuck, take courage. You were not meant to fight this battle alone, and a trusted, experienced advisor can help you find and accept your true self.

Hope and Help

For Charlotte-area residents, the team at Southlake Counseling is here for you as advisors, professionals, and, for many. We offer expert support and professional therapeutic counseling in the heart of Davidson, North Carolina for people just like you who are reaching out, some for the very first time.

Whether you are new to counseling or have seen therapists for some time, you’ll find friendly, compassionate advisors at Southlake’s center who can talk you through whatever you’re facing.

Therapy is as much about the process as the solutions, and our licensed, highly-trained counseling staff is dedicated to your recovery, health, and wellness goals in a variety of areas. At our integrated wellness counseling center, we specialize in treating individuals who struggle with eating disorders, addictions, mood disorders, nutritional difficulties, and so much more.

Connect. Thrive.

“At the heart of all we do is our connection with our clients—we care
passionately about each and every one and strive to provide care that reaches beyond the expected.”

– Southlake Counseling Founder and Owner, Kimberly Krueger

Why is connection so important? When you connect with another person, that immediate sense of safety and trust is indescribable. For many, it’s what they felt on their first date with their future spouse, or on the playground in second grade with their soon-to-be best friend of thirty years. That sense of connection is the emotional wisdom we all have that tells us when we are in a safe place and when we can expect words of truth that heal, not hurt.

Southlake Counseling’s Charlotte-area therapists place incredible emphasis on the ability to connect with clients; we believe you can only heal from a place of safety.

Reach out and Say YES to Life!

To start a conversation with one of our therapists or staff members, contact our office at 704.896.7776.

Our Davidson Office is located at 903 Northeast Drive, Suite 201, Davidson, NC.

Our Charlotte Office is located at 4724 Park Rd Suite D Charlotte, NC 28209.

We look forward to meeting you, partnering with you as you strengthen and grow, and celebrating with you as you break through to radiant health and wellness!

We can help you–or someone you love–feel better!

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