At Southlake Counseling, we believe that everyone deserves to live a remarkable life! Each of our licensed therapists receives expert training and brings compassion and dedication to your wellness. Whether you suffer from the effects of a life change, a traumatic event, confusion in relationships, or simply want to learn to move through life with greater ease and confidence, we provide a safe, accepting, and therapeutic environment to attentively address your goals and guide you toward joy and satisfaction.

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Southlake provides intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to individuals and families who are struggling with coping. If you have any difficulty with managing emotions, interpersonal relationships or dealing with stress, then DBT can help you! Our groups are available during both day and evening hours and provide you with rich opportunities for growth and improved relationships and self respect.

Southlake provides to support other therapists and counselors in creating a thriving practice geared towards patient health and happiness. We provide coaching and consulting services to help practitioners provide their clients with the best help, including training in our rich array of clinically proven and scientifically supported programs.

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Southlake Center recognizes that life situations may require more attention than one therapeutic hour per week. We offer weekend retreats for couples, families and individuals to ensure the intensity that may be necessary.

Or maybe you are just the type of person that once you've decided, you'd prefer to just jump right in or go for an accelerated deep dive or VIP day. Why wait until tomorrow when you can have more today?

All of our intensives and interventions are customized to your situation because we believe you deserve the best. At Southlake, our passion and commitment to providing you the resources and support you need is our priority.

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