In-Person Men’s Group

Men’s Processing Group at Southlake

Experience the life-changing program backed by evidence from Dr. John Gottman that has revolutionized the way we understand, repair, and strengthen marriages.

Program Overview

Men are conditioned to manage life stressors alone and suppress their emotions. They have special experiences and expectations based on society, family, and work. The purpose of a Men’s Processing Group is to come together from all different life roles and backgrounds to share stories, find and give support, create a sense of fellowship, and understand that many struggles experienced personally are the same for men universally.

In-Person Program Details
Bi-weekly on Thursdays from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM (rolling admissions)

Those who identify as male and are 21 years or older

The Davidson Location
903 Northeast Dr. Suite 201

Johnathan Hardin, MA, NCC, LCMHC

Note: There are no requirements to be able to participate in the group. We want to encourage anyone who believes they could benefit from this group to sign up.

Topics Discussed

There is no limit to the issues that can be addressed and discussed within a Men’s Processing Group. The most typical topics we cover are:

  • Adjusting to Life After the Pandemic
  • Relationships and Sex
  • Parenting
  • Communication
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Career/Finances
  • Mental/Physical Health Concerns

You are not required to share, but discussion is encouraged. If you find comfort in simply listening, that is okay too. We want to provide a space for you to feel comfortable and supported, regardless of if you share or not.

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

Johnathan Hardin, MA, NCC, LCMHC is a multi-licensed counselor at Southlake Counseling, and he has 25 years of experience in mental and behavioral healthcare.

Men Supporting Men

How Does It Work?

The bi-weekly meetings of the Men’s Processing Group will provide a safe space to facilitate discussion about problems each participant may be facing and offer other participants the chance to speak to them or offer advice/solutions. The group facilitator will help guide the conversation and also teach skills that will help participants better process their emotions and experiences.

The benefits of participating in a men’s processing group include:

  • Enhanced Health and Wellbeing
  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skills
  • New Sense of Hope and Better Outlook on Life
  • Newly-Developed Coping Skills
  • Improved Awareness and Concern for the Well-Being of Others
  • Improved Communication and Relationships with Others

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    Anyone aged 21+ who identifies as male and may be experiencing stress and anxiety related to their work, family life, social life, or other environmental factors that are weighing on them is welcome. This group is here for men who want to talk, listen, offer advice, and/or better themselves.







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