Who should attend a Men’s Processing Group?

Anyone aged 21+ who identifies as male and may be experiencing stress and anxiety related to their work, family life, social life, or other environmental factors that are weighing on them personally. This group is here for men who want to talk, listen, offer advice, and/or better themselves.

What issues can a Men’s Processing Group help with?

There is no limit to the issues that can be addressed and discussed within a Men’s Processing Group. The most typical topics we cover are related to relationships with others, parenting, work stressors, unaddressed trauma/mental health issues, and feelings of anxiety/stress/isolation.

Am I required to share and participate?

You are not required to share, but discussion is encouraged, so if you feel inclined, we want you to speak up! If you find comfort in simply listening and learning that others share your same experiences without speaking, that is okay too. We want to provide a space for you to feel comfortable and supported, regardless of if you share or not.

Will the group give me advice?

If other participants in the group have experienced what you are going through and have helpful tips for dealing and processing, it is likely they will offer you advice. This helps to build a foundation of trust and community and is one of the major benefits of participating in group therapy.

Are there any requirements I need to fulfill before participating in the Men’s Processing Group?

There are no requirements to be able to participate in the group. We want to encourage anyone who believes they could benefit from this group to sign up.