At the Southlake Counseling, our goal is to provide you with the exact combination of individual and group support services that can best meet your recovery, health, and wellness needs.

Comprehensive & Scientifically-Sound

We work hard to provide you with comprehensive, well-rounded, clinically-proven and scientifically-sound treatment methods. Our professional staff is always adding new programs, services, and group support offerings to help you meet your temporary challenges head-on by saying a resounding “Yes!” to life!

Backed Up By Years of Experience

In the presence of life’s challenges, it is normal and natural to seek an objective source of input and feedback. While close relationships with family and friends are essential for our day-to-day health, wellbeing, and life satisfaction, in the face of overwhelming emotions, life situations, and stressors, it is often a wise decision to engage professional support.

At the Southlake Center, our professionals have high-level training and certification in addition to their decades of experience assisting children, adolescents, and adults. When you decide to seek individual therapy at the Southlake Center, you are assured of a safe, private, confidential space and the expert guidance that will help you to make the most of your unique challenges and opportunities.

Creative & Challenging

We understand that when you contact us for help, what you are really asking is, “Please help me GROW!” For this reason, each of our personalized outpatient treatment plans incorporates the option to include outpatient, specialty and group support services to stretch and grow you intellectually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Many of our group support offerings incorporate the creative arts, movement, yoga, journaling, neuroscience, and the very latest findings in the most effective treatment methods. We challenge you to find such a well-rounded and (dare we say it?) FUN approach to achieving your recovery, health, and wellness goals!

Individualized & Specialized

Our goal at the Southlake Center is to find what works for you to achieve your unique goals. For this reason, while all of our program offerings and support services are clinically-validated, we are able to offer you a choice of treatment methods as diverse as the Twelve Steps, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Life Coaching, and neuroscience….and much, much more!

We encourage you to contact us today to design a personalized program to help you say “no” to whatever is standing in your way of your ability to say “yes” to your own full, rich, and rewarding life!

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