Test how well you are managing your current stress level

Everyone has stress. Between worrying about bills, trying to enjoy your social life, problems with work, concerns about family members, day to day hassles, and difficult people in your life, there can a lot to be stressed about, and it’s usually easy to tell when you’re about to hit your boiling point.

Rather than telling you how stressed you are (to which you might respond, “yes, now tell me something I don’t know”), this assessment looks at how you are coping with the stressors in your life. The mere presence of stress is not problematic. The key is how you react to that stress.

The results of this test will give you an assessment of how well you are coping. Please complete all items. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is less true and 5 is more true. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Try to answer as openly and honestly as possible as you choose how true each statement is for you.

Statement Less True More True
  1. Most days, I have at least a few thoughts that I feel I cannot control about how overwhelmed I feel.
  1. I frequently find myself telling friends and famly members how incredibly stressed i feel.
  1. My common response to a high level of stress is to emotionally or physically shut down.
  1. I know that I need to make some major changes to reduce my overall stress, however, I have not yet done so.
  1. I am sure that other people are much better at coping with difficult situations than I am.
  1. I often find myself dropping one of the many balls that I try to juggle.
  1. In the past month at least one person has told me that I need to learn how to relax.
  1. When I become overwhelmed with responsibilities, I tend to stop doing things for myself. For instance, I stop exercising, preparing healthy meals, or spending time with friends.
  1. I often find myself daydreaming, procrastinating, or doing a mindless activity when i need to take care of something, such as paying a bill.
  1. I frequently overeat or eat unhealthy foods such as fast food when I am feeling stressed out.
  1. I commonly have thoughts like, "maybe I'm just not capable of dealing with so much."
  1. When I feel weighed down, I have a tendency to take it out on others by acting irritable, annoyed, or inpatient.
  1. When feeling a high degree of stress, I find that I drink more than two drinks with caffeiine or alcohol per day to either perk me up or make me feel more relaxed.
  1. It is typical for me to avoid dealing with important activities if they make me feel uncomfortable, nervous, or frustrated.
  1. I do not rely on any supportive people because I am afraid that they will not understand what I'm going through or that they are so busy with their own lives that they will not want to hear what I'm going through.
  1. When I become stressed, I get a short fuse. I either yell at people when I'm driving, am short with salespeople, or argue with colleagues at work.
  1. I know that I need to relax, and sometimes I try to, but I find that I do not know how to unwind.
  1. it seems that my problem-solving skills are not so good.
  1. Others have told me that I engage in poor coping behaviors that do not really help me to cope.
  1. On a typical day, I have several thoughts such as "I do not even have an idea where to start with all the things I need to do."
  1. I do not have a number of ideas of activities which are soothing, enjoyable, or sociable for me.
  1. Some people close to me have recently told me that I am not my usual self.
  1. I start to have physical problems when I feel stressed, such as headaches, stomachaches, or muscle tension that I am not able to relieve.
  1. I am not good at prioritizing tasks and I often feel like I need to do everything right away.
  1. When I feel stressed, I tell myself that I should get more sleep, but am often not able to.
  1. I avoid talking with people about all that I need to do because I am so behind that I think it would be pointless to get into it.
  1. My coworkers or friends have said that I lose focus under pressure and do not pay attention well when deadlines are looming.
  1. When there is too much to do, i let things pile up. The laundry piles up, papers on my desk stack up, or phone calls to return collect on my desk.
  1. I am sure that I am not someone who handles life's many pressures as well as other people do.
  1. Many times I think I'm coping well with a stressful life, only to have something happen that shows me I cannot manage the stress.

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