Fast Track Your Progress in a Life Changing Way

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

If you’re looking to accelerate your therapy progress, DBT is made for you. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), is a powerful way to create progress and invite new ways of thinking and living. It’s a type of cognitive therapy that teaches people how to live in the moment, develop healthy coping mechanisms, manage their emotions, and heal relationships with others.

Adherence Matters

Adherence matters because providing the best possible treatment for you matters.

We know that DBT can assist you or a loved one in reducing suffering and building lives worth living. Here at Southlake Counseling, we want nothing more than for our patients and their families to receive adherent, empirically-supported, evidence-based treatment.

Why Southlake for DBT Treatment?

Our model for DBT therapy is to combine individual DBT therapy with DBT group therapy. Doing this allows participants the opportunity to practice the new skills and behaviors they are learning in a safe environment of peers working on the same process and concern. This is what makes the process so effective and why we call it, The “Therapy Accelerator”. The team at Southlake Counseling also provides 24-hour, as-needed phone support and an on-going team-based therapeutic approach.

Are There Requirements for DBT Treatment?

We are always accepting new Dialectal Behavior Therapy clients! However, to join a DBT group therapy session, a client must already be working with a DBT-informed therapist; this can be within our network or externally. There is also a minimum of two required pre-treatment sessions with one of our professional counselors.

Want to learn more about our industry-leading treatment? Contact us for more information about our DBT services.