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You’re Talking, But Am I Really Listening?


You're talking, but am I really listening? Too often couples are seen in therapy due to communication problems. Phrases like, "he/she just doesn't understand me," or "I just don't feel like he/she is listening to me," are all too common phrases. Many times when we are in heated discussions with a loved one, we are thinking about what we

You’re Talking, But Am I Really Listening?2019-02-25T12:40:31+00:00

Love and Support in Action


On a recent weekend I had the great fortune of being at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Charlotte. Every year I'm amazed at the wonderful outpouring of support and love that I see at that event. I believe that 16,000 people participated and 1.6 million dollars were raised, of which 75%

Love and Support in Action2019-02-25T12:41:49+00:00

Has Your Grief Taken You Over?


Grief can overstay its welcome. Grief is a normal reaction to loss. We grieve the loss of loved ones, loss of careers, loss of pets, loss of personal fortune and/or loss of physical abilities. Grief can be defined as a feeling of sadness, anguish, sorrow or regret over something or someone that is gone or lost. Sometimes, however, grief can become lodged

Has Your Grief Taken You Over?2019-02-25T12:41:11+00:00

Holiday Meal Planning


Thanksgiving is over – but the Christmas holiday is only just beginning.  Stores are packed, UPS and FedEx are working overtime and holiday baking is in full swing.  Amidst this exciting, yet often chaotic time of year, it is important to remember to stick to a healthy overall meal plan, to keep your energy

Holiday Meal Planning2019-02-25T12:58:31+00:00

Holiday Tips for Managing Your Weight and Hunger


The holiday spirit is in the air.  And, for many people, just the thought of the holiday season brings on anxiety related to food.  Many worry about the upcoming holiday parties, extra treats around the office, gift baskets filled with chocolates and cheese and of course all the free samples of holiday fare at

Holiday Tips for Managing Your Weight and Hunger2019-02-25T12:59:05+00:00

Children and Divorce: Issues with Anxiety


As a family moves through a divorce transition, the reality is that many problems and concerns may arise.  Their parents’ divorce or separation can be very difficult for a child, as well as for the entire family.  Issues with children may manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the child and the situation.  One common

Children and Divorce: Issues with Anxiety2019-02-25T13:00:43+00:00

Going Through a Divorce? What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children NOW!


A parents’ divorce or separation can be very difficult for a child.  The child may be confused, scared, angry, or sad, and be unable to express how he or she feels or have difficulty talking about what is going on.  This can manifest in many different ways, including problems at school or with friends,

Going Through a Divorce? What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children NOW!2019-02-25T13:01:12+00:00

Infertility: When to Say When?


Most couples facing infertility treatment never expected to have difficulty conceiving a baby. Month after month of trying leads to a trip to an infertility specialist and before you know it you are in the midst of infertility treatments. You begin with monitoring your basal body temperature then move into taking some medication and

Infertility: When to Say When?2019-02-25T13:04:35+00:00

Supporting a Loved One Struggling with Infertility Can Be Confusing


How Do I Support Her Through Infertility? Supporting a loved one struggling with infertility can be difficult. How do I help? What do I say? When your spouse, friend or daughter is struggling through the ups and downs of infertility it is hard to know how to help. For the woman who is struggling

Supporting a Loved One Struggling with Infertility Can Be Confusing2019-02-25T13:05:00+00:00

Food Allergies on the Rise


More than 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies.  Young children make up the highest percentage by age, with about one in 17 children under the age of 3 (5.6% of that age group) currently dealing with a food allergy.  Children aged 1 to 18 represent about 4% of cases and adults represent a

Food Allergies on the Rise2019-02-25T13:05:15+00:00
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