Who should take Art-Informed Group Therapy?

This group is open to anyone aged 16 years old or older who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or who has experienced past trauma.

What should I wear?

We encourage all participants to dress in something comfortable and that they can get dirty. Aprons will be provided, but we don’t want you to hold back your creativity at all, so expect to get messy and go home with a few paint splatters!

Do I need to have experience as an artist?

NO! There is no artistic experience necessary for this group. The goal is not about making the art look pretty, but about putting a brush to canvas and letting your emotions drive the art. The final product is not nearly as important as the process to get there, and we truly just want you to use this time to dig deep and release whatever is weighing on you and HAVE FUN!

Do I get to keep the artwork that I make in art therapy?

Yes. Each week, you will receive a 20×20 canvas that is included in the cost of attending the group. After each group session, you are free to take your art home and do whatever you want with it- though we hope you hang on to it as a reminder of your healing process!