Hey there, achievers! Do you ever find yourself obsessing over that last detail on a project, rewriting emails until they’re “perfect,” or feeling like anything less than an A+ is a failure? 

Yeah, us too. ‍

There’s no denying that a drive for excellence can be a powerful asset. But sometimes, that fire can turn into a bit too much heat. 

Here are 5 signs your inner perfectionist might be holding you back:

  1. The Never-Ending To-Do List: You set sky-high goals, but the pressure to achieve them all flawlessly keeps you stuck in planning mode. Remember, progress over perfection is key!

  2. The Procrastination Paradox: You avoid starting tasks because you’re afraid they won’t be good enough. But guess what? The longer you wait, the bigger the mountain seems. Take a deep breath and just get started!

  3. The Inner Critic is LOUD: You dwell on every mistake and replay them in your mind like a broken record. We all make mistakes. Let’s learn from them and move on!

  4. Comparison is the Thief of Joy: You constantly measure yourself against others, leaving you feeling discouraged. Everyone has their own path. Focus on your journey and celebrate your wins.

  5. Fun? What Fun? Striving for perfection can leave you burnt out and with no room for hobbies or relaxation. Schedule some “me-time” and rediscover the joy of simply chilling.

If you recognize yourself in a few of these, don’t worry! Perfectionism is common, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. Remember, it’s okay to be imperfectly you, and that’s pretty darn amazing.

We’re all on this journey together, so be kind to yourself and celebrate the small wins. 

You’ve got this!







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