Your Weekly Meditation: Loneliness is a State of Mind

Loneliness is a state of mind.

Whether our days are full to overflowing or empty, we can always find room and time to feel lonely. Which means that we can always also find room and time to feel connected. When you begin to feel lonely, notice who is with you, experiencing that loneliness. Ask yourself if you are truly lonely, or if feeling lonely has just become a habit to escape into so you won’t have to face the fear of learning how to meet your own needs. Next, begin learning how to meet your own needs by asking yourself kindly what you need in that moment to not feel lonely. Is it a hug? A few moments in the sunshine? A phone call to a friend? Loneliness is always about what we can do to assuage it – not what others can or should or aren’t doing for us. As one wise teacher shares, “If you feel lonely, all you have to do is go outside for a few moments and stand in the breeze.”

This week I resolve to: notice when I feel lonely and kindly ask myself what I need, and then give it to myself.

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