Wednesday’s Weekly Inspiration: Nourishing Friendship is Closer to Home Than I Might Think!

We expend so much time and energy worrying about our friendships with others. As women, we are especially programmed to fine-tune our emotional radar to pick up on others’ frequencies – are they happy ? Do they like us? Do we show them enough that we care?

But how much time each day do you spend asking yourself the same questions about your relationship with yourself? Do you make sure you have your own back during challenging times? Have you cultivated the ability to work a room, endure conflict, enjoy a hug, or host a dinner party standing by your own side like the good and supportive friend that you are?

If not, then today is a great day to start!

Today’s affirmation: Today, I value and cultivate my own friendship.

© Kimberly Krueger- Meditations for Recovery

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