Wednesday’s Weekly Inspiration: It is only a mistake if you don’t learn something from it.

Human beings make mistakes.

Yes, that means you too.

We all make mistakes. What separates success from failure in recovery and life has nothing to do with the amount of mistakes you make and everything to do with what you learn from each mistake.

So today, when you make a mistake (and you most likely will), instead of berating yourself, ask yourself, “Self, what can I learn from this?” You can even journal about it and set aside a few minutes tonight to read back through all the knowledge you have gained in one single day!

And here’s one more radical idea – just if you are feeling really brave – how about choosing to THANK each mistake for the lesson it brings! You can say, “Thank you, mistake, for being such a good teacher. I appreciate the chance to learn and grow that you have offered me.”

Today’s affirmation: Making mistakes means I am brave enough to learn something new, and I celebrate myself for that!

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