Wednesday’s Weekly Inspiration: Defining and Experiencing “Beauty” is Up to Me

We have all heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

But how many of us have spent any time trying to figure out what image of beauty is in the beholder’s eye?

If we look at ourselves and attempt to fit the unique portrait of beauty that we present into a cookie-cutter image in our mind’s eye, we miss perceiving the truly unique beauty we actually possess!

So before we can behold beauty, we have to ask ourselves some simple questions, “What does beauty mean to ME?” “Do I think I/she/he/it is beautiful?”

It is very self-respectful to allow ourselves to choose whether to see beauty in a person, object, or experience.

And our own answer just might pleasantly surprise us!

Today’s affirmation: I get to choose my own definition and experience of beauty!

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