Wednesday’s Weekly Inspiration: Are You Choosy About Offering Your Support?

As women, we often assume that we must bear the relational weight of the world on our shoulders. We are so accustomed to supporting everyone – from kids to pets to neighbors to colleagues to spouses to friends to family – that sometimes we forget we never gave up our right to say “yes” or “no”!

As you go about your day today, make a mental list of everyone you offer your support to. Then make another little note beside each person’s name about why you offered your support. Did you want to? Did you instead do it because you felt obligated? Did you offer support just because you were worried about what they would think or say about you if you said no? Or was it a joy to reach out a hand, speak a kind word, offer a hug?

Today, remind yourself that you have the right to be choosy about whom you offer your time, your energy, your strength, and your heart to.

Today’s affirmation: Today, I will be choosy about saying “yes” and “no” to requests for support

© Kimberly Krueger- Meditations for Recovery


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