‘Tis Always the Season for Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be an un-gentle topic – especially in a time of year when we are striving with extra-special effort to feel charitable towards others and ourselves. We can be tempted to hurry ourselves along through the process of forgiveness in order to exude the kind of good cheer we think the season requires of us. But forgiveness takes the time it takes in any season of the year. So this week, take some time to identify relationships or situations that carry with them some unresolved stress, and remind yourself that you are entitled to feel your feelings, to process your pain, and to engage in the five stage grief process of denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and letting go until forgiveness flows naturally rather than feeling forced.

Today’s Affirmation: I don’t have to rush myself through the process of forgiveness just because it is the holidays. I can take my time, feel my feelings, and let go of un-forgiveness as I feel ready.

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