The Power of Self-Respect

Over the years, I have thought long and hard about why I “do what I do”. First, I fought through my own eight-year battle with an eating disorder, and the anxiety, depression, body image disturbance, and low self-esteem that came along for the ride. Next, I committed many years of my life to earning the professional education and clinical experience required to help others recover from their personal battles with mental illness and emotional disturbance.

As of today, I have eighteen years of  personal recovery history and almost two decades of professional clinical experience under my belt.  And today, I still feel just as passionate and committed to the work I do as I did on the day I first opened my practice.


For this one simple reason – I know that if I could heal, if I could overcome what held me back from saying YES to life, then I know that you can too!

As long as I have legs to stand, eyes to see, ears to listen, and hands to help, I will be honored and humbled each time I watch a new person walk into The Southlake Center with their head hung low, shoulders stooped, face dim, and heart heavy with hopelessness… because I know it is just a matter of time before I then get the privilege and joy of watching them walk OUT again with their head held high, shoulders squared confidently, face open to the joy of good days ahead, and heart light with hopefulness and excitement.

How do I know this will happen?

Because my own recovery journey has taught me about the power of self-respect.

Self-respect is only possible when we are able to look ourselves in our own eyes and say, “I am going to get through this, but I can’t do it alone. I need help, and I deserve help, and I will ask for the help I need so that one day I can turn around and help someone else who needs to know that they aren’t alone and that recovery is possible.”

Saying yes to getting the help you need is the first step to saying yes to your own self-respect. And saying yes to self-respect is the first step to saying YES to life!

Here at The Southlake Center, we celebrate the power of self-respect.

And we celebrate YOU.

Be Well.


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