Outpatient Services Overview

The following outpatient services are clinically-proven to provide long-lasting, effective, and satisfying solutions for common recovery and life issues. Each is a stand-alone service that is offered on an outpatient basis. We recommend combining each service with additional group support whenever possible and desired to produce optimal results.

Individual Therapy

At the Southlake Center, individual therapy forms the foundation for every success story. We know that it takes courage to invest in yourself – to embark upon a quest to discover what makes you tick, where you have unresolved issues and unfulfilled dreams, where your health could be better and your relationships stronger and your life more satisfying. We applaud your courage in refusing to settle for less than the best that you can be, and we go the extra mile to partner with you as you stretch, learn, and grow. Each individual therapeutic partnership will be as unique as you are, and we will celebrate with you as you uncover new insights that lead you towards not just achieving but exceeding your recovery, health, and wellness goals!

Family Therapy

When one member of the family is struggling, the whole family struggles with them. This is why, at the Southlake Center, we approach recovery, health, and wellness as a family affair whenever appropriate. Families that heal together stay together – and often grow even stronger and closer as a result.

When your family needs extra support, call on the Southlake Center for experienced, compassionate, whole-family care. Learn more about Southlake’s family counseling services.

Marital Therapy

In the movie “Runaway Bride”, a wife jokes that “it takes three people to make our relationship work—me, my husband, and our therapist.” A wise couple will recognize that, however joyous the wedding and honeymoon may have been, the years that follow may deliver challenges that neither partner feels well-equipped to navigate successfully without professional support.

This is where marital counseling can be a literal marriage-saver. We invite you to contact us for an initial assessment with one of our highly trained and experienced marriage therapists. You—and your spouse—will be glad you did!

Psychological Testing

The path back to wellness begins with knowing what is wrong. Most critically, determining an accurate diagnosis paves the way for accurate treatment that leads to lasting results.

This is why the Southlake Center’s trained psychologists provide diagnostic testing for a wide range of challenges spanning from ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, personality and mood disorders, academic challenges, and much more.


You spend 24 hours per day, seven days per week with yourself, so it is easy to notice when you begin to feel less than your best self. But sometimes it is harder to figure out exactly what is wrong.

At the Southlake Center, we are pleased to offer a variety of no-charge clinical self assessment surveys. These surveys are designed to provide you with a starting point for addressing issues with eating disorders, addictions, mood disorders, nutrition, and wellness.

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Additional Services

In addition to all of our specialized services and Programs Southlake Center also provides treatment for these common conditions. See the entire list of additional services and treatments here.