At Southlake Counseling, we understand the difficulty involved in infertility.  That is why we have developed an integrative program to enhance both female and male fertility while helping to reduce stress and anxiety.   Research shows that caring for the entire mind and body through such ancient disciplines as acupuncture, yoga and massage combined with proper nutrition and counseling can significantly improve one’s chance of conceiving.  We work with clients who are undergoing  Assisted Reproductive Technology such as IUI and IVF as well as with couples that are trying to conceive without medical interventions. Our highly qualified staff includes Infertility Counselors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapist, Nutritionists and Yoga Instructors all specially trained and working collaboratively with physicians to address the unique needs of women and men struggling with infertility.

Individual Counseling

Our Fertility Counselor meets with each client to gather a detailed history of their reproductive story so that together we can create a treatment plan tailored to meet their goals and needs.  We help clients make conscious decisions about the path they choose to take to treat their infertility taking into account emotional, physical, financial and ethical considerations.  Additionally, we teach clients skills to help them manage the stress and anxiety that often prevent women from continuing with medical infertility treatments, and we work with client to strengthen relationships that can become particularly vulnerable during infertility. 

Infertility Group

This 6-week program is led by our Infertility Counselor who specializes in infertility and reproductive health.   This group provides an opportunity to connect with other women struggling with infertility while learning strategies and skills to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression.  We work on empowering women to have a “voice” in making choices that are right for them in regards to treatment options and handling difficult situations with friends and family such as baby showers and family gatherings.  We address negative thoughts and self talk and teach skills to restructure your thoughts to gain more joy and pleasure out of life while working through this experience.  We take an integrative approach to fertility and address important topics like preparing mentally and physically for medical procedures, proper nutrition, managing stress and anxiety, talking through options and decision making.  Several randomized, controlled studies have shown that women who participate in a mind/body infertility program have significantly higher pregnancy rates than women who do not.  We work in partnership with medical professionals to provide couples with as much support as possible.


Acupuncture is an ancient art that has long been used to treat numerous conditions including stress, anxiety and infertility.  A research study conducted in Germany found that women who underwent just two acupuncture treatments, one before an IVF cycle and one after, had a pregnancy rate of 43% compared to just 26% in the control group that received no acupuncture treatments.  Acupuncture works to enhance fertility in a number of different ways.  It helps to regulate menses, improve blood flow to the reproductive organs, increase ovarian response and function, regulate hormones, improve sperm count and motility, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress.  Acupuncture has also found to have many benefits during pregnancy such as preventing miscarriage, relieving morning sickness, alleviating back and leg pain and labor preparation. Our acupuncturists are expertly trained and highly skilled in working with couples facing infertility and pregnancy.

Yoga for Fertility

 Yoga for Fertility is a specially designed  program that incorporates all of the incredible benefits of yoga specifically designed for women working through infertility.  This class teaches yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditations that will channel energy and blood flow to reproductive organs, improve strength and flexibility and reduce stress.  Additional benefits important for infertility include balancing hormone levels and removing toxins from the body.

Fertility Massage

Massage therapy focuses on a mind-body-spirit connection by opening up the energy centers in the body and bringing the body into balance.  Massage helps to open the breath, relax the muscles and enhance blood flow.  Massage has been shown to improve fertility by breaking down adhesions and removing toxins from the body.  Our licensed massage therapists work with our clients to gain a better understanding of where the body is out of balance and partner to gain insight into areas of stress and tightness that can prevent the body from being able to conceive.  Our therapists direct their intentions to preparing the client for conception through aromatherapy, cranio sacral therapy, abdominal massage and lymphatic drainage therapy.  They teach clients how to use relaxation techniques to guide them through difficult infertility treatments


Nutrition plays a huge role in our overall health.  It is particularly important when it comes to conceiving a child. Scientific evidence suggests that it is more difficult to conceive if you are either underweight or overweight. Likewise there are certain foods and vitamins that can enhance fertility by affecting the hormones in our bodies. Our nutritionists will meet with you to devise a dietary plan in conjunction with your doctors input that helps you to set appropriate caloric requirements and ensure that you are getting the essential nutrients to enhance your fertility and support your energy and emotional well being.