Nutrition Education Opportunities

The Southlake Center’s nutrition education opportunities have been carefully tailored to your unique needs, whether you are seeking information about how to manage or prevent illness or maintain your health and wellness progress. Our Registered Dietitian provides nutrition classes on various topics, including meal planning, gastrointestinal health and understanding the nutritional implications of eating disorders. These services are available on a one-on-one or group basis whether you are currently enrolled in one of our outpatient or intensive programs, or you simply need extra support to maintain your recovery progress.

Grocery Store Tours

While for many, a trip to the grocery store is just another errand in their day, when you are seeking support to stabilize and maintain your nutritional wellness, doing your weekly shopping can seem like a daunting challenge indeed. This is why the Southlake Center offers you the option of grocery store tours that are specifically designed to replace your trepidation with confidence! During your tour, a Registered Dietician will guide you through the grocery store of your choice. Together, you will learn to navigate the store by using a whole foods approach to conducting your shopping. You will learn about food safety, cost-effective shopping for you and your family, how to read and understand nutrition labels, quick and easy techniques to locate needed items, and most importantly, you will build up your confidence and competence to complete this important task with flying colors. You may sign up for a tour individually or as a part of a larger group.

In-Home Food & Pantry Preparation Classes

It can be one thing to rediscover your kitchen confidence when cooking or shopping outside of your home, but confronting your own home kitchen can be another matter altogether. With our in-home food and pantry preparation classes, we go “hands-on” with you in your home kitchen. By partnering together, you will begin to experience the empowerment of practicing proven organizational techniques can help you maximize your pantry and kitchen space for food preparation and cooking success.

Restaurant Outings

Going out to eat is often a cherished part of relationships with family members and close friends. But it can be hard to enjoy visiting a favorite restaurant when food is a major source of stress! In your Southlake Restaurant Outing, your group will visit a chosen restaurant with a registered dietician, who will help each group member navigate menu selection and food concerns related to social eating situations.