Family Counseling

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” – Eva Burrows

When one member of the family is struggling, the whole family struggles with them. This is why, at the Southlake Counseling, we approach recovery, health, and wellness as a family affair whenever appropriate.   Nurturing and developing strong family relationships isn’t easy, we all know it’s worth the work. And, although families vary in size, shape and structure, the importance of communication comes second only to love in sustaining those family relationships. Families that heal together stay together – and often grow stronger and closer as a result.

Talking Together.

At Southlake Counseling, we view recovery, health and wellness as a family affair. We believe that families talking together heal together, and that individual relationships within a family unit can be strengthened through a simple action – discussion.

Healing Together.

We recognize that one toxic relationship within a family will multiply, if given enough time to fester. That’s why Southlake counselors focus on creating an environment where families can heal together, everyone feels free to speak and anything is open for discussion. Beyond that, we provide families with all of the skills and tools they need to communicate more effectively outside of our center.

Treating Together.

If you believe your family could benefit from family counseling in Charlotte, N.C., call us to experience compassionate family therapy with our trained counseling professionals.

Family counseling services available at Southlake Counseling include:

  •  Grief counseling

  • Stress management counseling

  • Counseling in the event of divorce, displacement, or remarriage

  • Blended family issues counseling

  • Anger/conflict management counseling

  • Counseling in the event of family trauma

  • Parenting support counseling

  • Family of origin issue counseling

If you are interested in Southlake’s family counseling services, or have questions for our team of experienced, compassionate counselors, we invite you to give us a call or request more information today!