SHAPEDOWN Child & Adolescent Obesity Program

SHAPEDOWN, created by a team of faculty members from the University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine, has been the preeminent child and adolescent weight management program for the last three decades. SHAPEDOWN incorporates family-based treatment using the very latest psycho-educational techniques developed to combat child and adolescent obesity. Ten-year follow-up studies show that participation in the SHAPEDOWN curriculum provides lasting effects ranging far beyond weight loss into self-esteem, improved family and peer relationships, better self-esteem and development of healthier lifestyle habits.

When you come to the Southlake Center seeking help for your child or adolescent’s struggle with obesity, the first step we will take is to schedule an initial meeting for both you and your child with a SHAPEDOWN-trained therapist and nutritionist. Following the initial meeting, your child will be enrolled in an age-appropriate eight-week SHAPEDOWN peer group. You will also be expected to attend an eight-week SHAPEDOWN parents’ group. You and your child will also have the option to have individual meetings with a therapist and nutritionist on an as-needed basis.

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