Addictions Treatment Program for Charlotte N.C. Area Residents


When what started out as a simple retreat from the pressures of daily life turns into something more, a struggle with addiction may be interfering with your ability to say yes to the full life you long for and deserve. While the form of addictive issue may differ for each of us, the need for support and expert professional assistance is common to us all. If you’re located in the Charlotte metro area, an addiction therapist at Southlake Counseling’s treatment center in Davidson, N.C. can help you to overcome your specific addiction.

An End to the Silence & Secrecy

If you have been struggling in silence and secrecy with compulsive shopping, alcohol or substance abuse, gambling, sex and relationship imbalances, or any thought pattern, behavior or habit which has become habit-forming, you will find the compassionate, expert, efficient, and effective professional care you need at Southlake Counseling.

Comprehensive Yet Personalized Support

When you come to the Southlake Counseling seeking support, the first thing we will do is applaud your courage. Then we will get right to work to assess your individual situation, address your unique challenges with your addictive thoughts and behavior patterns, and design a one-of-a-kind support plan to help you achieve your personal recovery, health, and wellness goals.

Empowering & Inspiring

Each member of the Southlake professional team knows first-hand what it is like to come through a battle with a significant recovery and life challenge. For this reason, we offer both individual and group therapeutic support so that you will always be surrounded by supportive others who know what it is like to struggle with addiction and can cheer you on as you pursue your recovery goals.

Clinically-Supported & Time-Tested

In addition to your individual therapy sessions, we employ a variety of scientifically-validated recovery methods to ensure that the progress you make will be continuous and sustained.

Relational & Family-Based

When one family member struggles with addiction, the whole family struggles with them. This is why, at the Southlake Counseling, we take a family-based approach to recovery whenever appropriate. We will be with you each step of the way as you heal and restore your relationship with yourself and with your loved ones.


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