Taking the first step to seek help for life’s challenges can feel daunting, but at the Southlake Center we see it is as the cause for celebration that it is. The way we see it, when you seek help, you have already taken the first step to getting better!

Areas of Specialty:

Our professionals have designed a rich array of programs and services to choose from as we partner with you to develop your personalized treatment plan. We are pleased to offer you clinically-proven, scientifically-supported intensive programs for:

services-salad-ladyDialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO DBT)
Play Therapy
New Ways for Families
Marriage and Relationship Counseling
Family Counseling
Eating Disorders
Mood Disorders


At Southlake Counseling also have a wealth of Outpatient and Group Support Services that can meet you wherever you are in achieving your unique recovery, health, and wellness goals. The wide variety of specializations that the Southlake staff brings to the table is what allows us to tailor-make a program to meet your specific, individual needs and goals.

You are warmly invited to read testimonials for candid words from other grateful Southlake Counseling clients.

Whether you are seeking help for yourself, for your child or adolescent, or for a loved one, compassionate, skilled, professional guidance and support is just a phone call away. We look forward to hearing from you!

Type of Program:

Individual Counseling:
Individual therapy is a joint process where you will identify goals and target concerns to address through counseling. At the Southlake Counseling, individual therapy forms the foundation for every success story. We know that it takes courage to invest in yourself – to embark upon a quest to discover what makes you tick, where you have unresolved issues and unfulfilled dreams, where your health could be better and your relationships stronger and your life more satisfying. We applaud your courage in refusing to settle for less than the best that you can be, and we go the extra mile to partner with you as you stretch, learn, and grow. Each individual therapeutic partnership will be as unique as you are, and we will celebrate with you as you uncover new insights that lead you towards not just achieving but exceeding your recovery, health, and wellness goals!Your therapist will help you to develop and individualize your treatement.  Our Master’s level therapists are all trained in providing cutting edge treatment modalities and ensure you have a quality counseling experience.

Family Counseling:
Family therapy is an engaging and challenging experience.  Our therapists are all trained in family systems theory and work toward helping you make the changes necessary for a happier, healthier family.  In our busy and changing society we often find ourselves struggling with those we care for the most and creating patterns that don’t express our true selves to our loved ones.  In family therapy, we work with everyone to repair relationships, improve communication and establish healthy boundaries.

Couples Counseling:
Are you and your spouse or significant other are faces challenges to your relationship and aren’t sure where to turn?  Southlake can help!  Our trained marital therapists provide a safe and engaging environment for you to explore what is working in your relationship and what needs improvement.  We will help you identify what difficulties you are experiencing and an approach to solve these issues. We believe that every problem has a solution and are here to help you repair and improve one of your most critical and cherished relationships.