Self Knowledge Assessment

Just because you walk around all day inside your own skin does not mean that you know yourself well. In fact, most of us tend to assume that we know ourselves much better than we actually do! Getting to know yourself will be of value in many areas of life—choosing a career path, enhancing relationships, gaining joy and fulfillment out of life.

If you suspect that there may be more to know about you that meets your own eye, completing a simple assessment like the one below is the best way to get started. And if, after completing the assessment, you discover that you want to get to know yourself better, many have found Life Coaching to be an excellent way to unfold self-knowledge and find the satisfaction you seek.

Instructions: Answer each question using the rating scale of 1–5, where 1 = Never True and 5 = Always True. When you have answered all of the questions, enter your name and email address to receive your confidential Life Balance Assessment report.

(interactive form to come)

Download the Self Knowledge Assessment in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.