You spend 24 hours per day, seven days per week with yourself, so it is easy to notice when you begin to feel less than your best self. But sometimes it is harder to figure out exactly what is wrong.

At the Southlake Center, we are pleased to offer a variety of no-charge clinical self assessment surveys. These surveys are designed to provide you with a starting point for addressing issues with eating disorders, addictions, mood disorders, nutrition, and wellness.

Online Assesment Forms

Addictions Assessment

ADHD Assessment

Alcohol Assessment

Anxiety Assessment

Bipolar Disorder Assessment

Clinical Depression Assessment

Compulsive Shopping Assessment

Drug Addiction Assessment

Eating Attitude Assessment

Eating Disorder Assessment

Fears and Phobias Assessment

Mindful Eating Assessment

Panic Assessment

Postpartum Depression Assessment

Sexual Addiction Screening Test

Life Coaching Assessments

Body Image Assessment

Life Balance Assessment

Life Change Assessment

Relationship Quality Assessment

Self Actualization Assessment

Self Knowledge Assessment

Self Motivation Assessment

Stress Coping Skills Assessment