Levels of Care

zen garden stonesWe make it our top priority to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. You are unique—and your treatment plan should be equally unique!

This is why we offer four different levels of care. We will work closely with you during the initial assessment and consultation to determine the level of care that is right for you.


During outpatient treatment, you may visit with your assigned therapist, nutritionist, or other care provider once per week, or more often as your unique needs require. You may also choose to attend one or more of our group therapy options as a source of additional support. We offer a wide variety of Outpatient care options.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our IOP program provides you with more comprehensive support while still allowing you to stay connected with the majority of your daily life activities. Each IOP program lasts for 8 consecutive weeks. We offer IOP Programs for Adolescent and Adult Eating Disorders, Addictions, Nutrition & Wellness, and Mood Disorders.

Extended Day Program (EDP)

Our EDP program recognizes that sometimes you need more support than either an outpatient or an IOP program can provide, but you are making progress and no longer need acute inpatient care. Each EDP program lasts for 2-8 consecutive weeks based on your individual and unique needs. We offer an EDP program for both Adolescent and Adult Eating Disorders.

Therapeutic Group support

Support groups nurture the hard work you are doing, and help you to sustain the hard work you have already done. You may choose to attend group support meetings as a stand-alone resource or as a part of participating in our outpatient, IOP, or EDP programs. We currently offer a wide variety of support groups to meet your specific support needs.