How We Are Different

personal, collaborativeWe know that you have a number of options when choosing the care that will best assist you in achieving your recovery, health, and wellness needs. We continually dedicate ourselves to providing you with a unique and highly individualized care experience that is closely aligned with our central core values:


When you contact us for assistance with achieving your recovery, health, and wellness needs, you will discover that you have a rich variety of evidence-based traditional and non-traditional individual and therapeutic group options, a highly skilled and experienced staff, and a comprehensive wellness support plan at your disposal.


We know what it is like to realize you need help, choose to seek that help, and come through to the other side healthy, well, and whole—because we have stood in your shoes. Each member of the Southlake team has his or her own personal recovery story of triumph over life’s toughest challenges…which is also how we know that if we could recover, you can too!

Client-Centered & Collaborative

You are our number-one priority. We are here to serve and support you as you do the hard work that is required to achieve and exceed your recovery, health, and wellness goals. For this reason, your treatment plan will always be as unique as you are, and expertly tailored to your specific needs. In addition, if you come to us through a referring professional, we welcome that professional as a valued member of your wellness team.


We understand all too well that receiving professional care can be expensive. We strive to offer the highest quality of care at the most affordable price, and make every effort to work with your insurance providers as we are able to keep your costs reasonable.

Convenient & Confidential

We understand that life doesn’t stop just because you need help. For this reason, we offer you day, afternoon, and evening appointment options, day and evening intensive programs, and day and evening support group meeting times. We also offer you a centrally-located, confidential, private space in which to receive the care you need, and make every effort to integrate your care into your daily life to minimize interruption and maximize results.


We welcome all ages. While we offer special programs for children, adolescents, young adults, men, and women, we also strive to involve the entire family in your treatment approach whenever appropriate.

Continuity of Care

When you leave, we continue to make available to you a wealth of online resources, continuing education teleclasses, articles, our staff-penned Say Yes to Life! Blog, alumni opportunities, and group support options. And if you ever find that you need us again, we are just a phone call away!