Saying Yes to Life starts by saying yes to getting the help you need!

Nothing takes more courage than reaching out for help. We know this, which is why we will respond to your inquiry within one business day—without fail. We make it our first priority to meet even your most immediate needs and often are able to offer same-day appointments.

What this means is that right from the start you will experience how unique and personalized our approach is as we partner with you to determine the level of care you truly need to reach your recovery, health, and wellness goals.

Call us today at 704-896-7776 and take the first step towards saying yes to life!

What you can expect when you contact us for help:

Outpatient & Group Services:

When you first contact us, we will ask you if you have been referred to a specific therapist or if you need help selecting the professional that is right for your needs and goals.

We will review your insurance coverage and determine whether your chosen therapist is a provider.

If the therapist is a provider we will bill insurance for you.

If the therapist is not a provider we will instruct you in how to inquire about out-of-network benefits you may be eligible for under your insurance plan.

If we are not able to bill for you, we will ask that you pay in full and we will provide you with an insurance reimbursement claims form that you can submit to your provider.

We will make an appointment for you with your chosen professional, and ask that you arrive 20-50 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out the required paperwork (eating disorders appointments require additional paperwork).

Please bring your proof of insurance card, medical history information, and emergency contacts information to your first appointment.

At your first appointment, you and your chosen professional will work together to design a plan of action best suited to your needs and goals.

Intensive Outpatient / Extended Day Program Admissions:

In our first phone conversation with you, we will set up a time for your initial comprehensive evaluation.

After our first phone conversation, we will mail you an initial assessment packet. Completing this packet gives everyone involved—you, your loved ones, and our staff—a better sense of how we may best serve you.

You will bring the assessment package in with you for your first in-office visit. Please plan to be with us for approximately two and a half hours during this first visit. At this time, we will work with you to gather additional information that will help us to determine the best level of care for your needs and goals.

During this first meeting, if applicable, we will also provide you with a release of information form and medical clearance form that your primary care physician can complete and return to us prior to beginning treatment.

At this time we do require pre-payment of all services for both the IOP and EDP programs. We will provide you with insurance reimbursement claims forms at your initial assessment.

New Client Paperwork:

New Client Paperwork – Adolescent

New Client Paperwork – Adult